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Globe Makers

A few years ago, I spent several months researching the artists, cartographers and companies that have designed and manufactured terrestrial globes. While I have put aside writing the book for now, I am happy to share this list of people and companies that have been associated with the creation and distribution of globes. If you know of any names that are missing, please send an email to registerkm@longwood.edu.

–K. M. Register

Abraham, Abraham [Liverpool]

Abraham, Jacob [Liverpool]

Adami, Carl (full name: Carl Christian Ludwig Adami)

Carl Adami & Co.[Berlin, Germany]

Adams, Dudley [London, England]

Adams Family [London, England]

Adams, George Senior [London, England]

Adams, George Jr. [London, England]

Adams, Dudley [London, England]

Addison, John [London, England]

Addison & Co. [London, England]

Andreae, Johann Ludwig [Nuremberg, Germany Nürnberg]

Andreae, Johann Philipp [Nürnberg]

Adhemar [France]

Åkerman, Anders (also written as Åckerman) [Sweden]

Akrell, Carl Fredrik [Sweden]

Akrell, Fredrik A. [Stockhom, Sweden]

Alessandri, I, and Scattoglia [Venice, Italy]

Allard, Abrahan [Amsterdam, Holland]

llard, Kare [Amsterdam, Holland]

American School Apparatus Co. [New York, New York, USA]

Holbrook & Co.

Holbrook School Apparatus Company

American School Apparatus Co.

Amer. Globe & School Supply

A.H. Andrews & Co

C.F. Weber & Co

Weber Costello Co [Chicago]

Annin & Smith [Boston, Massachusetts, USA]

Arrowsmith, Aaron (I) London, England

Arrowsmith, Aaron (II) London, England

Arrowsmith, John London, England

Arrowsmith, Samuel London, England

Ayscough, James London, England

Bacon & Co. (G. W.)

Bardin, W. & T.M. London

Bateman, Thomas

Bauer, Johann Bernard

Bauer, Carl Johann Sigmund

Bauer, Peter Nuremberg

Martin Behaim of Nuremberg

Bertaux, Emile, publisher of international globes of Dien, Dubail, Eichens

Betts, John [London, England]

Beyer, Johann

Blaeu, Willem Janszoon  Amsterdam

Brown and Peirce

Cary, John & William (J&W Cary)

Cary, George & John II (G&J Cary),  London,

Cassini, Giovanni Maria

Rome, Italy

Central School Supply House, Chicago

Cheney, Flavius

The Cheney Globe Co.

Clark’s & Co.


Berlin & Stuttgart

Coronelli, Vincenzo Maria; Tobias Eder


J. Schedler’s [Jersey City New York]

Cornell, Silas [Rochester, N.Y]

Cox, Joseph & James [London]

George F. Cram Company  [Chicago / Indianapolis]

G. F. Cruchley (formerly Cary’s) [Fleet Street, London]

Cushee, R.

Delamarche , Charles Francois (1740-1817) & Son Felix (1817-47) [Paris]

(some published by “Maison Delamarche”)

Delamarche, Félix

Delitsch, Professor Otto Leipzig

Delisle, Guillaume [Paris]

Demongenet, François

Vesoul or Besançon, [France]

Denoyer-Geppert  [Chicago]

Doppelmayr, J.D.

Dozy, Dr. G. J.

Du Val, P.

S. S. Edkins

Eimmart, Georg

EKEMM [England]

… More to be posted soon….



1. Barbara - May 17, 2010

Thought some of you would be interested in a miniature globe I just completed. The body of the globe is an antique ivory ball from a game called carpet bowl that was played in Britain in the late 1800’s, and the map was taken from a Wyeth painting done for the National Geographic Society in 1927. You may view it on my website at http://www.scrimshanders.com. Just click on the Wickford page, then store catalog. The globe is a featured product and can be viewed by clicking on the photo. Let me know what you think.

2. kim - June 20, 2010

katie, nice blog!

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